Junior Behavior Therapist

Accra, Ghana
Full Time
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Why is this role important...

Our clinical operations team is at the core of our solution. Our work at Craft Education is in making sure that caregivers/educators get the right training and support in order for caregivers (our partners) to effectively identify treatment goals and take the right steps/interventions, based on evidence-based practices to achieve the identified goals for their children with behavior deficits. 

The clinical operations team’s main goal is to build the capacity of parents and educators in the best  behavior therapy practices that work for them and their children and develop effective and individualized treatment plans that will help children with behavior deficits build communication and social skills to thrive.

This role is a unique opportunity to  become part of the exciting field of Autism treatment. Cases of autism are increasing in Africa at a fast rate with the rapid growth of the population leading to an increased need for effective treatment. The behavior therapy specialist will tap into the most advanced and proven treatment methods to provide support to caregivers in order for them to assist their children to make meaningful gains in their development. In addition to impacting the lives of millions of children in Africa, this person will have the opportunity to become a certified behavior therapist through our training  programs.

What you’ll do at Craft Education...

  • Provide training and support services in behavior therapy practices to caregivers and educators through a series of phone calls.
  • Assist caregivers and educators identify behavior intervention/treatment goals and guide them on how to take the right steps to achieve those identified goals during the course of a learner’s treatment.
  • Ensure consistent data collection for treatment planning and liaising with the clinical operations team to ensure effective design and implementation of treatment plans.
  • Assist in recruitment and on-boarding of new clients.
  • Provide administrative support to ensure optimal functioning of teletherapy platform
  • Building your career as a behavior therapist through our internal training and certified external training programs.

What we are looking for...

  • There is no need for prior experience in this role. So far as you care about children, especially children with special needs and open to learn, we would love to work with you.
  • Undergraduate degree in Psychology, Special Needs Education, Child Development or a related field.

What will help you succeed…

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills demonstrated through emails, phone calls and internal meetings.
  • High degree of empathy and a love for children. The learner’s are our bosses.
  • Initiative to work independently and at the same time working collaboratively across teams
  • Resilience and commitment to problem solving and building strategies to find solutions to solve the needs of our caregivers, educators and learners.
  • Comfortable handling constructive feedback
  • Love supporting people and connecting well with others. Empathy for not only your team but for our caregivers and educators.
  • Technological proficiency
  • Flexibility and adaptability with the ability to organize with different structures.
  • Able to work efficiently within a high pressure environment
  • Skill in reviewing and analyzing reports; strong reporting skills to evaluate provider performance and satisfaction 
  • Exceptional time management and prioritization skills

Where will this role be located…

  • Accra
  • This position will report directly to the Head of Clinical Operations.

About Craft Education

Craft Education is a social enterprise developing Africa’s first teletherapy (SaaS) platform called Hunu. Located in Accra, Ghana, our founders have worked on behavior therapy and messaging technology for over a decade. 

Hunu is a teletherapy platform that coaches parents and teachers of children with autism and behavior deficits to deliver behavior therapy in the home or school and help these children develop social communication at home or academic skills in school.

With the help of an AI-based therapy assistant, Hunu can recommend treatment targets for children within the spectrum, enable parents and teachers to access instructional videos, audio lessons, and get support from certified therapists through WhatsApp and phone calls.

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