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Improving the pathway with healthcare providers

We share your goal of creating an Africa where all children have a better quality of life. We care about this too. Work with our therapy team of certified professionals to provide high quality of care to your patients.
Getting Matched,
Within 24 Hours
Waiting for 6-years does not help anyone. Partner with us to make sure your families get support 7 times faster compared to traditional providers today. We match your patients with a therapist within minutes.

We are driven by evidence. Take action now. Make a difference today

Working together,
Staying informed
Get periodic reporting on the progress your patients are making in their therapy programs. Use messaging channels like WhatsApp to give feedback, engage parents and contribute to progress..
Data-informed decisions
We collaborate with families to make informed decisions about their child. Our AI technology analyzes the progress of each child and provides recommendations to the care team. Working with families, we make decisions togehter and keep families involved and motivated.
1: Partner with us!

Learn about our process. Build the capacity of your team to effectively manage cases

2: Manage Your Cases

Use our case management system to evaluate your cases and engage patients remotely.

3: Keep everyone informed

You’ll have simple, visual reporting to help you understand the progress children are making.

Refer to Craft Education!

 Once we get a referral, our coordinators will reach out to your patient within 24 hours and schedule their consultation.