Mar 18, 2022

Curriculum-aligned content in rural communities via SMS

Above: Eneza Education provides text-message based education materials that pupils can access without the need for an internet connection

About Eneza Education

Eneza Education is an edtech company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Eneza's e-learning platform delivers curriculum aligned lessons to learners in rural and marginalized communities using text messaging.

Eneza has reached over 5 million learners in 5 years and have operations in Kenya, Ghana and Ivory Coast. They are currently working on a dedicated teacher platform to support and build the capacity of teachers in Africa.

More on Eneza's Solution

Eneza has developed a technology platform that allows primary and secondary students, their parents, and teachers to access local, relevant, affordable academic courses and study tools by SMS, online and mobile applications. 

With Eneza, students have the ability to supplement their classroom studies at home by taking lessons & assessments with individualized feedback on correct and incorrect answers. They also access additional sources of educational content/tutoring, such as Wikipedia and asking questions to live teachers.

Users can access all these for an affordable daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions charged from mobile airtime in partnership with mobile telecommunications companies like Safaricom in Kenya, MTN in Ghana and Orange in Ivory Coast.

An active monthly subscription allows a user to access all content from Grade 4 to Grade 12 without restriction on consumption or SMS messages.

What we did for Eneza Education in Ghana

Craft Education was the implementing partner for Eneza Education in Ghana. We started out working for them in 2015 to ensure that Ghanaians had access to quality and affordable curriculum aligned content in order to be successful in school and in life.

Rolling out Eneza's solution to 260 schools on the IDP Rising Schools Program in Ghana!

In 2016, we worked with IDP Foundation and Sinapi Aba Savings & Loans to pilot Eneza's solution in 10 schools in Ghana. During the pilot, we visited schools in rural and peri-urban locations to demonstrate Eneza's product.

Once the demo was over, our team interacted with teachers in the schools to get a better understanding their challenges as well as share student performance data. This helped them better understand their students and how to best help them. After the pilot, we rolled out to 260 schools all over Ghana.

Localization of Eneza's Product in Ghana
The content came first

We were responsible for the creation of over 2000 lessons on Eneza's e-learning platform. In 2015, we worked with over 30 teachers to create lessons on various subject areas. After the content creation, we reviewed everything and made sure it was in alignment with the standards of the Ghana Education Service before it was published.

As part of our role with the content designed for the Ghanaian market, we made sure the content was updated and modified as and when necessary, manage content creators as well as keeping the content dynamic and relevant at all times.

We were also responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the Ministry of Education in Ghana.

Making sure the product was aligned to the Ghanaian Market

Craft Education was responsible for the product localization and ensuring that there was a good uptake on the service. In localizing the product, we reviewed the natural learning paths of students in Ghana and customized the product flow to mimic classroom experiences.

Keeping the product up and running

Through our partnerships with MTN and AirttelTigo, we ensured that the Eneza's product was accessible to the subscribers of the mobile network operators in Ghana. We managed the relationships making sure that the various tech teams were aligned at all times.

In rolling out the business model of Eneza, we facilitated the monetization of the learning platform.

The impact we have achieved so far...
  • Eneza Education rolled out its product to 267 schools on the IDP Rising Schools program
  • Eneza Education, Ghana joined the 2018 MIT Solve Solver Class
  • Reached over 1.2 million learners in Ghana
  • 227,000 quizzes completed by learners in Ghana!

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