Mar 18, 2022

Exploring the future of work in among the Ghanaian Youth

About Moringa School

Moringa School is a learning accelerator based in Nairobi, Kenya. Moringa School's mission is to empower high potential students with tech and professional skills training to participate in the digital economy. Their campus-based in Nairobi has been operational for 5 years now.

Moringa School's Solution

Moringa School fills this void with a learning accelerator that provides young Africans with digital and professional skills training. Moringa’s approach focuses on two key aspects: a blended learning model and market relevance.

In blended learning, courses are online, but students complete them in the classroom with a teacher’s guidance.

Through market research and testing, Moringa ensures that curriculum content and the methodologies teachers use are applicable to employers’ actual needs.

Teachers simulate a real working environment and facilitate projects that require students to apply what they’ve learned.

Furthermore, Moringa connects students with leading companies through job fairs and meetings to facilitate students’ transition into the workforce.

Our Work with Moringa School

After 5 years of impacting the lives of over 1.8K students trained and a 90% job placement rating, Moringa School is looking to expand its operations in Africa.

We were responsible for supporting them with insights on the Ghanaian market, leading focus group sessions and helping them think through the critical points they are considering as they think about coming into the Ghanaian market.

We enjoyed every bit of it and looking forward to supporting them more if and when they finally set up a campus in Ghana!

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